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Changes from Staff meeting (17.7.15)

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Changes from Staff meeting (17.7.15)

Post by Mollet on Mon Jul 20, 2015 12:54 am

Well, as most of you know, we had a staff meeting recently. With this post, we want to inform you about the decisions that we have made.

1. We have decided that, people have been promoted to soon in the past, you all noticed the raider rank that was added, to prevent this in the future, we have decided to make the trial period two weeks.

2. Due to the inconsistency of people showing up for their group raids, we have decided to remove them and therefor we will do ToT 10 daily at 17St.

3. We decided to reduce the amount of dkp earned for ToES and HoF by 50%, because in both raids the loot will be managed per roll.

4. Regarding ToT 25m Main run, Raiders and above ranks will have priority over everyone else and also, trials will not be invited to those runs unless it's really needed. On those cases, trials will have no priority on loot, meaning they'll only get loot if no one else wants it.

5. For their first tot 10, trials will not be eligible for loot, other members will have priority, if no one needs an item, they can of course bid on it.

6. Due to a recent occurrence, we have decided to implement a new rule:
1st. We want to clarify, that if people have exactly the same amount of dkp, we roll on the item, the person that wins the roll, gets the item and of course loses his dkp.
2nd the new rule will be, that the ALL command can outbid other bids, even though they are not more than 5, an Example Someone bids 100 for an item, and someone with 103 Dkp wants the item as well, can do All in raid chat, and will win with 103 dkp, NOTICE if you have 200 and you want to outbid, the rule of bidding 5 more still applies!

7. We have decided that it is mandatory for every character in the guild, to have both their specs defined ( Alts included)in their guild note. We will try and implement this as fast as possible, so it would be nice if you could whisper staff in game. Thank you in advance Very Happy

We want to thank all the people for giving us feedback, which helps us improve our guild.
P.S. Staff is always open to hear if you have any problems which we can discuss.

With friendly regards
Your staff!


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