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ToT Tactics

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ToT Tactics

Post by Blazzer on Mon Mar 23, 2015 12:29 am

This is just some quick "Look" in the bosses. I didn't have time to write the 3rd boss. But the first two should be okay.
This was all writen by me. I was watching the videos and typing at the same time what the guy is saying.
But this will be all useless because Spark (Lolten Raid Scripter) will probably fail at scripting and none of this will work.
But still i suggest you read so you know what's going on. Here are some detailed videos as well.

Jin'Rokh :

This boss will spawn 4 Conductive Waters , each Conductive Water gives Dmg and Heal Buff.
After 1 minute he will Electify the waters and we will take a lot of damage , so we need to make sure we go out of the puddle before it becomes electrified.

Meanwhile the boss will cast Focused Lightning ,it's an Orb and it will fixate on one player. When it fixates on you , you have to drag it outside of the ring and be careful not to hit any player as it will deal damage withing 5 yards.After you drag it out --  the orb will detonate and the player will take small damage. RDPS and Healers should always stay at the edge of Coundctive Waters so in case the Orb fixates on you , you can easily run away. Because if the orb detonates in the Waters , everyone will die.

For the tanks you have to worry about 2 things  , first spell is called Thundering Throw. Jin Rok will pick up the tank and throw it in one of the Mogu statues , on impact the tank takes dmg and once he lands on the floor he will be stunned for 6 seconds and dealing AoE damage to everyone who is in 14 yards of the stunned tank. The Conductive waters will start spawning on the stunned tank location. Tanks should always avoid tanking in Counductive Waters.

Second spell is called Static Charge , every 30 seconds he will cast this spell and tank will get a debuff called Static Wound , max stacks of this debuff is 10. Every 3 seconds the debuff will lose the stack.
So in general , everytime the tank gets the debuff , the other tank have to TAUNT immidieatly.

After some time Jin Rok will go to the middle and start casting Lightning Storm for 15 seconds. While he does that , we all have to stack in middle and start using defensive abilites and healers should spam AoE heals.

Horridon :

Horridon is a 5 phase boss. We have to defeat all the tribes and then defeat the Horridon himself.
There will be 4 doors , the first tribe "Faraki Trolls" will come from North-West Doors.
The 2nd tribe "The Gurubashi Trolls" comes from the North-East Doors.
The 3rd tribe "The Drakkari Trolls" comes from the South-East Doors.
The 4th tribe "The Amani Trolls" comes from the South-West Doors.
Members of each tribe keep entering the arena until you close their door , this is done by clicking the orb of control dropped by Zandalari Dinomancer when he reaches 50% health. This add will always jumpp down in the arena exactly one minute after the door is opened. The Zandalari Dinomancer will try to heal Horridon -SO WE NEED TO INTERRUPT HIM AT ALL COSTS-
After he drops the Orb , he stops healing but he does a lot of damage so we need to kill him as soon as possible.

**The Faraki Tribe adds need to be killed in order 1. Wasterwalker 2. Stonegazers 3. Skirmishers
They will spawn void zones called Sand Traps , we need to avoid them.
They will also put a DoT on a random player called Blazing Sunlight , which needs to be dispeled ASAP.

**The Gurubashi Tribe adds need to be killed in order 1. Venemous Effusions 2. Venom PRiests 3. Bloodlords
The Bloodlords will will charge to a random player and it will put a bleeding effect on you.
Venom Priests cast Venom Bolt Volley , a interruptable spell that does DoT which can be dispelled as well.
Venom Effusions are spawned next to the Venom Priests and they cast the same spell Venom Bolt Volley , they spawn Void zones called Living Posion which we need to avoid at all costs.

**The Drakkari Tribe needs to be killed in order 1. Frozen Warlords 2. Warriors and Champions
Risen Drakkari Champions and Warriors attack random players applying deadly plague on them. This disease MUST BE DISPELLED.
Drakkari Frozen Warlods apply a stacking tank debuff that reduces healing recieved , but it doesn't require tank switch.
They also spawn Frozen Orbs that deal minor damage and slows the movement. They need to be avoided.

**The Amani Tribe needs to be killed in order 1.Beast Shamans 2. Warbears 3. Flame Casters and Protectors
Amani'shi Protectors don't do much , so we can ignore them.
Amani'shi Flame Casters cast Fireball , interruptible spell that deals a lot of Fire damage to a random player.
They also cast 3 spells. Chain Lighting deals high damage and it requires the raid to spread out.
Lighting Nova are static totems that deals damage to player withing 8 yards.
Hex of Confusion is a cruse that needs to be removed quickly as it causes the afflicted player to have a 50% chance to injure themselves when using spells and abilities.

Horridon Abilites : Triple Puncture a debuff that Horridon casts on a tank , the other tank has to taunt immidieatly in order to save the other tank until the debuff passed.

Double Swipe is a cone attack that Horridon casts in front and behind him himself. Double Swipe deals a lot of damage so players must stand on Horridons side to avoid getting hit by it.

Charge caused Horridon to charge a random member and few seconds later perform Double Swipe on that location.
We just need to adjust Horridon's new position and quickly get out of the way of Double Swipe.
Each time you close a door Horridon

SUMMARIZE : To summarize we need to kill Troll Adds following the kill order.
When the Zandalari Dinomancer spawns after 1 minute , kill it quickly and use his Orb of Control to close the currently opened door. Then you have 40 seconds to kill the remaining trolls before the next door opens.
1 minute after the final tribe has been defeated , phase 5 will start. Wargod Jalak will jump into the arena and current off tank will have to taunt it. He has low health but his dmg is extremly huge. We need to kill it very fast.
After Jalak dies , Horridon will become Enraged and we will have to kill him quickly.

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Re: ToT Tactics

Post by Shankz on Tue Jun 09, 2015 5:14 pm

Nice guide Smile



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