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Axes less active

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Axes less active

Post by Axe on Mon Apr 20, 2015 11:23 pm

Hello all ..

Normaly im known to be 1 of the most active members around.
So just to inform you all .. this week (and possibly next week aswell .. dono yet) im far from active.
Reason for this is that my work gave me the oppertunity to get some surgery experience. And in order to get this i'll have to work full day's. At first i thought this wouldnt take that much time .. but as day 1 has paste succesfully i do want to keep my standards high.
The patients kinda do expect it ... how would you feel when the doctors doesnt know what hes doing Smile

It does mean i will be far less active this week .. already informed mollet (group A) and Zamy (group C) about it. Because i do want to appear 110% ready at the operation table.
Kinda like going onto a raid .. i'm always prepaired. So i also need to prepair for this.
This does mean i need to dive into the books and study again to known the ear inside and outside and learn refresh all that sunk away over the year. Ofcourse i'd rather learn tot but for this week i need to master nervus and membranes to the olive platform.
After all .. i dont want to wipe the patient and tell them (in sign language) that they cant hear anymore or keep their balance because i screwed up Razz

Ofcourse when i pass this test (ofcourse i will) i'll be back online. But for this 1 week (possibly 2) youll have to do it without me. And when i find some spare time .. ill login and start my daily stuff again.

I hate to see you leave .. but love to watch you go


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Re: Axes less active

Post by Straznik on Tue Apr 21, 2015 12:08 am

Good luck bro Very Happy

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